Friday, 18 May 2012

Cafe Coho

Cafe Coho is an independent cafe located in the heart of the Lanes and where you can enjoy a warm cup of tea with delicious pastries. They also serve breakfast pretty late and a wide variety of sandwiches all day long. 

But now, let me tell you why I kept coming back to Cafe Coho. First, it's because of their amazing Chai Latte (the best I ever tasted) but also because of their perfect carrot cake. Moreover, if you want to sit outside, you'll find covers on the chairs. Yes, someone finally understood that foreigners are not as cold resistant as British people! They also have large tables upstairs with a nice view on the Lanes, so you'll be generally able to find somewhere to sit. The prices are totally reasonable compared to the quality of the food and drinks, and more especially compared to Starbucks or Costa Coffee ;).

And by the way, I just saw that a second (and bigger) Cafe Coho will open near Brighton station!

Cafe Coho
53 Ship Street
Brighton, BN1 1AF
01273 747777 

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  1. hi!!! i just discovered your blog, i really liked reading through it! I studied for 4 months in brighton at the end of last year (at Sussex University). Im from Australia and really miss Brighton and all the people i lived with and met over there! It was nice to read about all the places you went! So many cafes i wish i tried! Did you go to Bills? it was really good for food and coffee!!! I can't wait to go back there one day! I miss it so much some days- it was definitely the best experience I've ever had! thanks for the blogging! Grace xx (ps. i love coco sumner, it made me like your blog even more as i hardly know anyone that really likes her haha)