Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tic Toc Cafe

Today let me talk about my favourite coffee place in Brighton: Tic Toc café! Located in the Lanes, I unfortunately discovered it too late. It is a very nice place with a funny decor, an old jazzy background music and where the food is original and affordable.

The owner is a French man who has been living in Brighton for several years, and he offers a variety of sandwiches that mixes the British and French gastronomy. For example, they make wonderful reinvented croque monsieur, salads with goat cheese and roasted butternut squash, or some excellent pesto/mushroom sandwiches with thick cut slices of bread... Tic Toc cafe also proposes delicious cakes and a very good mint tea. The only flat is the noise made by their coffee machine... very squeaky!

But the best of all remains their unique concept: “Bring your own bottle!” In other words, you can come for dinner and bring your own bottle of booze. This offer only works on Friday and Saturday nights, and I would advise you to book in advance if you want to go there. Besides, they receive occasionally some jazzy live bands.

Tic Toc Cafe

53 Meeting Place Lane
Brighton, BN1 1HB
01273 770115


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