Thursday, 19 January 2012

British clichés are not only clichés

You know you are in England if:

- You can find genius inventions in supermarkets (the combination of Ritz + Philadelphia is just        amazing!)

- Everyone keeps calling you “Darling”

- Pubs are crowded at 5 pm

- Someone’s tell you: “The weather is pretty good today!” when its running

- You eat weird food: mushy peas, marmite, jelly...

- Every single British got some Weetabix in his kitchen.

- You call your teachers by their first name

- Every time someone recognizes your accent, he says : “Bone joor” or “Voolay voo coochay avec moi

- Baguette and bread are two distinct things

- People tell you that every French person they know use to smoke

- The cashier at the supermarket generally discuss your private life while she's packing

- Someone ask you to show your ID to buy cigarette filters

- People are civilised in public transports

- Girls forget to wear a skirt with their leggings

- 40% of your clothes come from Primark

- You keep hearing “Lovely” everywhere

- People wear shorts and t-shirts when it is 15°C outside

But most of all, you know you are in England when people are so nice and polite with you :)

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